Checklist - Prepare properly

In order to facilitate the filling out of the founding form for you, please comply with the following check list. The following page will provide you with numerous and helpful information.



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Company Name

  • Determine the company name of the new company. Fantasy names are allowed. Excluded are special characters. Information should be consistent with the purpose of the company. The addition of a legal form (GmbH / AG) is mandatory.










Company Purpose

  • Establish the main purpose of the new company.










Legal domicile

  • Determine where the new company will have your registered office.
  • Also, define whether the company has its own office premises or if a third party shall grant the company domicile (c/o).










Amount of the share capital

  • Define the amount of the capital, respectively share capital (GmbH CHF 20,000.00; AG CHF 100,000.00), as well as the nominal value of ordinary shares (GmbH minimum CHF 100.00) respectively shares (AG minimum CHF 0.01).
  • For an AG you may also define the amount of the payment under subscription (amount of the deposit), as well as the type of share (registered shares or bearer shares).










Ownership Structure

  • Clarify who is to participate in the company and in which proportion.










Management / Board

  • Clarify who is managing director, respectively member of the board of directors. If two or more persons are responsible for General Management or for the board of directors, clarify who has the right to sign for what (single signatory right or collective signatory right) and who is the chairperson, or president. Clarify whether you want a third person to have the right to sign.










Statutory Auditors

  • Clarify whether your new company may or should waive the limited audit. Otherwise, order a corresponding statutory auditor and optional declaration of acceptance.










Official Documents

  • Please request a copy of an official document from each of the following persons (ID / residence permit / passport) (for legal persons, trade register excerpt):

    - Founder
    - Managing Director or Member of the board of directors
    - Other signatories (optional)
    - Statutory auditors (optional)