Company formation and modification of bylaws

We deal with all your concerns regarding company law in detail. Whether it is a matter of a foundation, changes in capital stock or of a liquidation - as a specialist we are at your service for all your plans and needs.

In the following you receive a summarised overview of our services in the area of company law. The listing is by no means to be regarded as conclusive.

  • Company formation 

    • Limited liability company (GmbH) and Corporation (AG)
    • Sole proprietorship
    • Partnership
    • Branches
    • Further legal forms

  • Capital change

    • Increases in capital
    • Capital reduction

  • General or partial modifications of bylaws

    • Change of registered office
    • Modification of business purpose
    • Modification of nominal value
    • Retroactive capital contribution (subsequent payment of capital)
    • Waiving of review/audit (opting out)
    • Other

  • Liquidation
  • Company law consultations / Start-up consultations

Price list for company formation
Price list for modification of bylaws and modification

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