Personnel administration and payroll accounting

Focus on your core business and let us do the personnel administration for you. You can obtain more know-how and do no longer have to think about an accurate personnel administration.

We take over all tasks of the human resource management - with a high level of competence and professionality but at low costs.

Please find below a brief overview on our services:

  • Preparation of pay slips
  • Deduction of social contributions, insurances, etc.
  • Withholding tax payment
  • Administration of staff data
  • Absences (holidays, sickness, military service, maternity, etc.)
  • Preparation of wage statements
  • Assessments
  • Communication with authorities and insurances
  • Registration / deregistration
  • Notifications of accidents and sickness
  • Compliance and monitoring of the legal guidelines (minimum wages, night shift, etc.)
  • Application for work and stay permits
  • Consultation regarding international agreements (also tax-related)
  • Audit-oriented filing of all data

In addition, we are prepared to help you choose an optimum vocational provision as well as further insurances.

Are you interested? Please feel free to have a look at our price list or to contact us for a discussion without commitment.